Preventing Injury and Optimizing Performance in Skiing


In this presentation, Dr. Tina Roberts offers information and insight into ski injury prevention through proper selection of equipment and ski conditioning. She takes you through a detailed look at how your equipment can either contribute to potential injury or help you perform at a higher level. She breaks down the different components of skis, boots, and bindings, offering simple explanations of the different options that are available and then provides general guidelines on what qualities to look for in your gear based on the type of skier you are.  Tina then dives into some of the key components of a good ski conditioning program, highlighting specific muscle groups to target and even provides guided instruction of some of her favorite ski-prep exercises.

Tina is a doctor of physical therapy and a certified strength and conditioning specialist, and she has spent much of her life on skis.  She competed as a ski racer through college, then coached for 10 years beyond that.  Through competing and coaching, she has gotten to ski all over the world and even worked in a heli-ski lodge in Alaska for a few seasons. To Tina, having the right equipment and being physically prepared makes a world of difference in her own enjoyment of the sport every time she goes out on skis. It is her hope that through this presentation you will learn how to set yourself up for a successful, safe, and fun season out on the slopes!

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