Many patients have experienced Physical Therapy as a revolving door where they may have relief of their symptoms for a short period of time but find themselves returning for the same pain they originally had. Injuries are like a leak through your ceiling, you can change the ceiling tile but until you find where the leak is coming from you will keep replacing ceiling tiles. At Superior Performance Physical Therapy, we believe the cause of the pain should be treated in conjunction with the symptoms you’re feeling. We achieve this through our hour-long one-on-one sessions focusing on 3 pillars of treatment: mechanical, neuromuscular and motor control. With personalized treatment plans, we are able to address the reason why you sought out care but correct the dysfunctions to ensure you don’t feel like our practice is a revolving door.

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Our Treatment Philosophy

3 Pillars of Treatment


  • Addressing the physical restrictions inhibiting movement and efficiency
  • Evaluation and treatment of the soft tissues, joints, nerves and viscera
  • Treatment through direct and indirect techniques to clear restrictions


  • Assessment of muscles’ ability to stabilize a joint or area
  • Manual contacts used to provide proper neurological feedback for efficiency of muscle contractions
  • Focus on dynamic stabilization to improve safety of motions

Motor Control
Motor Control

  • Combining the local efficiency of neuromuscular with a complete task such as running, lifting or golf swing
  • Focus on the timing of all the body parts moving effectively
  • Higher level functioning created to decrease stress put on the body

Dr. Heather Demirci provides a high level of professionalism, knowledge and experience, as well as an intuitive sense of understanding the root of the problem. She is dedicated to her work and her patients. Dr. Demirci has helped me immeasurably with her treatments as well as teaching me exercises to keep me flexible and mobile. She is the best physical therapist I have ever encountered.

Nancy S.

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